Friday, April 9, 2021

How to Get More Out of Affiliate Marketing

If you want to get the most out of affiliate marketing and actually make money then you need to understand three simple things. The three things you need to understand are site promotion, website conversions and article marketing. If you already know these 3 methods then you might want to keep reading because I am sure you have not even heard about the way I am going to show you.

Site Promotion - This involves promoting a site of your own. It is best to directly link to one of your sites because there is nothing worse than building backlinks to someone else's site. When I promote affiliate products I always do it on my own sites unless I feel that strongly about them then I will do more. Just think about where people might be at when searching for your affiliate product and go there. I have gotten a lot of success selling Facebook app cheat codes to my friends on Facebook, this is just an example, but it works great.

Website conversion - This is key to making money as an affiliate because you don't want to send thousands upon thousands of visitors to the site just to get a couple sales. A normal conversion would be something under 1 in 100 anything over that is just too much work to get a sale. One of the things that I do one I build a ton of backlinks to an affiliate site is then send the owner emails letting them know about the conversions that I am getting and see if they will fix the mistakes that might be causing people to click off. This is just a helpful reminder that most site owners forget to do once they are rolling.

Article marketing - This is the biggest and most powerful method that I have ever used and it is simple why. Most people think of article marketing is just a way to build their backlinks, but this is also a way to get traffic to your affiliate sites. The thing with article marketing is you need to do proper keyword research because it will be extremely hard to get enough traffic from your articles if you are only targeting the tough keywords. For example: going after "healthy dog food" if you were promoting a healthy dog food recipe would be a bad idea, but going after "make healthy food for my dog" would be a pretty easy one to get. It is all about the planning that goes into article marketing and if you can't do it right then you might just waste your time.

I hope this helps with your affiliate marketing but if you need more help then click here for my 24 video affiliate marketing course.